Volumen Reversal Binary Options Strategy

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This is a great indicator. Volumen Reversal Binary Options indicator is very famous among Reversal Traders. I learned about this from Binay Options Edge Forum. That’s a great place to learn about new indicators and strategies. This indicator is included in very famous Forex and Binary Options systems out there. The name of the indicator is Volumen Reversal V1. This is similar to the Vostro Indicator. This is how I found these strategies.

I have tried different settings for this indicator and settled with a length of 12. If you read all my articles about different Binary Options Strategies you know that I’m a die-hard fan of number 4 and number 12. The reason behind this is I trade only 5M candlestick charts. so number 4 means in lots of strategies 4 candles sticks. Which is 20M or we can say one-third of the 1H candlestick. If you trade binary Options you need to keep an eye on 1H,4H time frame because that’s what Big boys doing. (big boys means the term used to call Professional Forex Traders) . Number 12 is the same. 5 times 12 is 60 which is the 1H time frame.

Lot’s of people blame Binary Options traders that they are gamblers. It’s gambling if you take risk blindly. If you take the calculated risk. It’s not gambling. Search google for Term Entrepreneur. You’ll see yourself. If you want to become an Online Entrepreneur make sure to develop these qualities. Because that’s what makes you a Trader an Experienced Trader

Indicators used : Volumen Reversal indicator  ( ($9.99 Only + Instant Download)

Time Frame: 1M,5M,15M
Expiry Time: 1M,5M,15M
Entry: 2-3 Seconds Before Previous Candle Expiry

You need to set up your charts like below ;

Volumen Reversal Settings

Len: 12 

Volumen Reversal Binary Options Strategy
Volumen Reversal V1 Indicator


Wait for the spike. Enter the trader in Opposite directions. Don’t Martingale. Combine this with other indicators like Vostro, J_TPO, Bollinger bands and you’ll see amazing results.

Volumen Reversal Binary Options Strategy
Volumen Reversal Forex Strategy


NOTE: This article is not about investment advice.

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