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Volume Zone Oscillator Strategy

by kfx   ·  February 12, 2019   ·  

Volume Zone Oscillator Strategy

by kfx   ·  February 12, 2019   ·  

This strategy is based on Volume Zone Oscillator (VZO). All of these strategies I present to you, are created using individual indicators because I can give you a clear idea about the indicator. you are free to combine several indicators and strategies together and comment down below what your findings are. Also, don’t forget to read about my secrets behind creating these strategies.

How Volume Zone Oscillator Strategy Works

Every indicator, I show here is Non-Lag, Non-repaint indicators and strategies. You may think as this sounds as an Oscillator this might be a Repainting indicator. No, This is not. I am a fan of non-repaint indicators so everything I present to you is awesome indicators. I have tested more than 100 different strategies until I found my own strategy. Do you want to know what that Promising strategy is?. Read all posts on this website. I have a clue in every 2 posts about the strategy. If you read all the articles on this website. You can know my personal strategy.

Mainly, I focus on Trend reversal indicators and strategies. But you can also find some trend following indicators in case you are a fan of trend following.

Depends on the strategy. I use different settings and different OS/OB levels in these indicators. This example below is based on 90/-90 Oversold / Overbought levels.

Indicators used: Volume zone indicator  ( ($9.99 Only + Instant Download)

Time Frame: 1M,5M,15M
Expiry Time: 1M,5M,15M
Entry: 2-3 Seconds Before Previous Candle Expiry

You need to set up your charts like below ;

VZO Settings

Period1 : 4
OB : 100.0
OB : -100.0
Levels: -90 &  +90

Volume Zone Oscillator Strategy
Volume Zone Oscillator


When the current candle closed at -90 or +90 level we enter the next trade for a reversal. This -90 and +90 are virtual Oversold/ overbought levels. You can decide that. Sometimes I use 95/-95 and also -100/100. It’s up to you. Consider the strategy you are building and implement these indicators for your strategy.

See the chart Below For Possible Entries

Volume Zone Oscillator Strategy
VZO Binary Options Strategy


NOTE: This article is not about investment advice.

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