RSX Indicator Strategy

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This is also a trend reversal indicator. We get signal for entry when indicator hits oversold and overbought levels. Lots of people don’t like reversal strategies and OS/OB indicators. But the truth is you can use depends on your perspective. If someone looked at the indicator on the point of view of forex that may be a bad indicator. If someone sees it in the point of view of Binary options or swing trading or Trailing. It may be the best indicator for him. likewise, this indicator is best for lower periods and lower time frames. That’s according to my personal experience. Of course, you are free to try it on other timeframes and different periods. There’s no limit

This strategy is based on the Rsx indicator. Rsx Indicator Strategy is a non-repaint indicator. Credit goes to the author Nick Bilak. This is also a great indicator to determine trend reversal. And also this is used for some trend following systems.


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