J TPO Indicator Strategy

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Wait for the indicator to be oversold/overbought. Enter the trade during the last 2-3 seconds of the previous candle or before candle expiry. Enter the trade for the opposite direction of the trend. Don’t martingale. You’ll get more signals per day. Usually 5-10 signals per hours. So you might need a good filter to filter out best possible entries


I’m going to talk about strategies based on default Indicators and also Custom indicators. This one is based on a custom indicator named J TPO. The idea behind this indicator is the RSI indicator but smoother than default RSI. J TPO indicator is promising. You can combine it with lots of different strategies and use it as a confirmation. J TPO indicator strategy can be used as a Reversal Indicator as well as a Trend following indicator. It depends on the settings and the way you use it. If you are reading this first, I recommend you to see here how I found these strategies.


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