ADX Indicator Strategy

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First it has to form a trend by crossing D+ with D- lines. And we wait for ADX Line ( D line ) to Cross D+ or D- From Above. Once we get confirmation we trade in the opposite direction. This is a Reversal Strategy. You may not get lots of signals per day. Also, you can use EMA for Confirmation. I do not recommend to use DCA or Martingale for loss recovery.

5 reviews for ADX Indicator Strategy

  1. Chiyoko

    I Never thought i can use adx like this. Recommend seller

  2. Felix

    I love index indicators. this one was one of my favorites. and now this is the one and only indicator i’m using

  3. Oliver

    First i thought why the hell i’m going to buy this default indicator. But no regrets now. You should try this it’s sweet

  4. Walter Kwok

    One of best modifications for. Adx. Thanks dude

  5. Matthias

    Is this same average directional movement index we have in Meta trader 4

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This is the second strategy I’m going to share with you. All of these strategies are created by me with combining different indicators and strategies together. You might need some custom indicators and most of the time I use Meta Trader 4 Platform and IQ Options Platform for demonstration. ADX indicator strategy is one of my profitable methods of making profits.