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J TPO Indicator Strategy

by kfx   ·  February 12, 2019   ·  

J TPO Indicator Strategy

by kfx   ·  February 12, 2019   ·  

I’m going to talk about strategies based on default Indicators and also Custom indicators. This one is based on a custom indicator named J TPO. The idea behind this indicator is the RSI indicator but smoother than default RSI. J TPO indicator is promising. You can combine it with lots of different strategies and use it as a confirmation. J TPO indicator strategy can be used as a Reversal Indicator as well as a Trend following indicator. It depends on the settings and the way you use it. If you are reading this first, I recommend you to see here how I found these strategies.

I’ve used J TPO indicator for 70% of my strategies and it gives me awesome results. Also, this indicator can be used for price action trading. I’m going to talk more about price action from another post. So let’s dig into the J TPO strategy

The basic idea of this strategy is to look for oversold and overbought levels of J TPO. When the indicator is oversold or overbought we prepare for a reversal. There’s a high chance of next candle to be a reversal candle. But keep in mind as I talked earlier this can be used as a Trend following indicator also. You can use this indicator alone or for better results combine it with a low win rate strategy and see the mind-blowing results because this is a good signal confirmation indicator. I’ll talk about more strategies based on J_TPO in future posts.

Indicators used : J TPO ( ($9.99 Only + Instant Download)

Time Frame : 1M,5M,15M
Expiry Time: 1M,5M,15M
Entry: 2-3 Seconds Before Previous Candle Expiry

You need to set up your charts like below ;

J_TPO Settings

Period: 4

J TPO Indicator Strategy
J_TPO Velocity

Rules for J TPO indicator strategy

Wait for the indicator to be oversold/overbought. Enter the trade during the last 2-3 seconds of the previous candle or before candle expiry. Enter the trade for the opposite direction of the trend. Don’t martingale. You’ll get more signals per day. Usually 5-10 signals per hours. So you might need a good filter to filter out best possible entries

See the chart Below For Possible Entries

J TPO Indicator Strategy
J_TPO Forex Strategy


NOTE: This article is not about investment advice.

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