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Forex Trading Strategy

If you are reading this that means you are new to Forex trading. You may have seen someone does Forex trading or heard it on the internet and now you are curious about this and began to search online. Forex trading is a good thing if you need to build a successful online business based on Forex trading. In this forex trading tutorial, I am going to share the best Forex trading strategies that I have found recently. You can see here how I came up as a beginner in Forex trading and made huge profits.

99% of the people who come into the foreign exchange field to be a multi-millionaire overnight. First, you need to understand how Forex market works then learn a Forex trading strategy and finally practice it until you are confident enough to go live. Every Forex trading beginners should understand some basic rules

What Is Forex Trading?

Simply Forex Trading means Exchanging Different Currencies expecting a profit. For an example let’s take a Major currency like the United States Dollar and Japan yen. As per today $1 = ¥ 100 . So let’s say you get this news from a friend in Tokyo and he says Japan economy will collapse and Yen will be going down to 50 in the next 30 days. so you go to Forex market and buy $100 worth of Yen. So This is how you profit from this exchange

Amount Spent to buy Yen = $100
Amount of Yen Bought = ¥ 11000
After 30 days your yen worth 50 per dollar = $220
Your profit = $110

You can learn More about Forex From A-Z using BabyPips. This is where I started to learn Forex. I highly recommend you to take their Training course. It’s 100% Free and they explain it to you like explaining to a baby. That’s why I recommend this to every forex trading beginners

In this Blog, I’m focusing on Forex, Specially Binary Options Strategies. So learn about Forex and binary options and come back here I’ll show you some awesome strategies that you can make money from

This is the 1st Binary Options Strategy I’m Going to show you.

Binary Options Strategy 01/Forex Trading For Beginners

Indicators used: Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
Time Frame: 5M
Expiry Time: 5M
Entry: 2-3 Seconds Before Previous Candle Expiry

You need to set up your charts like below ;

RSI Settings
Period: 4
Overbought: 90
Oversold: 10

Forex-Trading-For beginners
RSI Indicator

CCI Settings
Period: 4
Overbought: 136

Forex-Trading-For beginners
CCI Indicator


This is a Reversal Strategy Both RSI and CCI must be Oversold Or Overbought At the same time. That’s the only rule. you can check trend for additional confirmation. Also, Try At Your Own Risk for Dollar Cost Average (Martingale). Because I do not recommend it.

See the chart Below For Possible Entries

Forex-Trading-For beginners
Binary Options Strategy #1


NOTE: This article is not about investment advice.

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