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Forex Demo Account mt4 : Free Meta Trader 4 Demo Accounts

by kfx   ·  February 19, 2019   ·  

Best way to Try Forex is to use a Forex demo account instead of risking all of your money. Remember you are a beginner. The number 01 rule in Currency Trading is Discipline. If you do not have self discipline. Go do something else. Give that money to a charity. Don’t invest if you do not have patience. This is the truth but as humans we can’t 100% control emotions. That’s why you need to use a Forex Demo Account before going live mode.

Forex Trading Platforms

There are several Free Forex trading platforms.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are the best Forex Demo Account provider Platforms. MetaTrader 5 is the newest one but Most Popular Forex Trading Platform is Meta Trader 4 . In short this is called Mt4. All the strategies we present in this website are Based on Mt4.

Meta Trader is just a platform providing support for Forex Demo Accounts. But you need a Forex Broker in order to get your live charts and trade forex demo. There are lot’s of brokers . Each of them have their own specialty. We recommend you to try a forex demo account provider who gives $50 bonus when you sign up

Best Forex Demo Account

We cannot list best Forex accounts in a order because each one has it’s own specialty. We’ll list some of them here. If we miss one comment down below and we’ll add it to the list

Those are the The Best Forex Brokers 2019 . Try Them. Practice. Use the Demo Account Strategies we listed in this website . If you are new to forex. Start Reading From Here

Forex demo account MT4

Learn Forex trading during your stay at home during this covid-19 lock down. Try using demo account first. Don’t risk your hard owned money into something that you doesn’t know. Keep practicing until you master it.

Can you remember first time you got your driving license. Remember 1st day. You were scared. You can not even start the car properly. But within 3 months you master it and get your Driving license Trail Test. Remember that same principle applied here. That’s why i said in the beginning. Practice until you master it.

First take a simple strategy and trade in demo account thinking this is real money. remember to control your emotions. Because lot’s of traders do well in demo accounts but when they go to live accounts they blow their account. This is because you do not have trading discipline. 

Trading discipline is self control. Let that greed go away. You need to take baby steps. if only you can become the trader you dream of.

Meditation really helps during trading. To calm your mind. You need to have absolute patient when it comes to trading. Because this is a business you invest money to earn money. Risk is directly proportional to Reward. That means when risk is increasing your reward is increasing and vice versa. This is where Greed comes in. If you can control your greed. you are a winner.

This of Forex like a real business. Do not think this is easy money earning method. Then there won’t be any difference between you and a gambler. Trading Forex is not gambling. But if you trade blindly without a plan. You are a gambler. It’s all about your intentions.

One of the best way to control your emotions is. When you get 2 consecutive losses. Stop trading for that day. Start fresh in next day. Don’t revenge trade. What’s gone is gone. Focus on future trading and how you can avoid those past mistakes.

Happy trading. Remember always got your back.

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