Aroon Binary Options Strategy

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Aroon Binary Options Strategy is Famous as a Trend following indicator but what I’m going to show you is a different side of it. You can use it as a reversal signal indicator for Binary Options. When I say the word binary options you know I’m talking about lower intervals and time frames. There are different versions of Arron Forex Indicator. Aroon Oscillator, Renko Aroon, Aroon horns, Aroon up and down are some of them.

This a unique indicator. It’s not the same interface you see in other chart windows. Other Forex Trading indicators and strategies. In forex as well as binary options the majority of the Trading systems are based on Indicator crosses. You may have familiar with Ema Cross strategies. We use this Aroon indicator as a reversal indicator by considering the cross of Aroon up the line and Aroon Down line. If you need to start from the zero in these strategies, I recommend you to read this article first.

Aroon Binary Options Strategy

Indicators used : Aroon Indicator ($9.99 Only + Instant Download)

Time Frame : 5M
Expiry Time : 5M
Entry : 2-3 Seconds Before Previous Candle Expiry

You need to setup your charts like below ;

Aroon Settings

MomPeriod: 14

Aroon Binary Options Strategy
Aroon Mt4 Indicator


Wait for the cross of Aroon Yellow line and Aroon Blue line . ( uptrend and downtrend). Once you got the signal right. Enter the next candle in opposite direction. What I mean by opposite direction is if you see the line cross when the chart forms a red Bearish candle. Your Entry is for a Call (up). If you see the line cross when the chart forms a Green Bullish candle. Your entry is for a Put (Down).  So the major trend might be the opposite of your trading direction. One angle this Aroon system can be seen as a Forex Reversal indicator, on the other hand, a trend following indicator. Both entries are true relatively

See the chart Below For Possible Entries

Aroon Binary Options Strategy
Aroon Indicator Binary Options Strategy


NOTE: This article is not about investment advice.

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